Flights of Fancy runs 60 minutes, and is available for festival bookings.

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2018 Presentations : Tom Thumb Theatre Margate, Stratford Circus London.

2017 Presentations : Soho Theatre, Brighton Fringe Festival and the Latitude Festival.

Flights of Fancy Premiered in 2016  Soho Theatre.

A globe-trotting, time-traveling mini-spectacle with turbulent polemics and unexpectedly poignant stop-offs, Flights Of Fancy tells the true story of the artist’s journey from Korean refugee to international cabaret performer. In-flight entertainment includes offbeat humor, songs, and scenarios, written and performed by the artist herself and developed and directed by Nathan Evans.

Fancy Chance says: “For years I’ve wanted to put together something long-form that allows me to expand on themes I’ve explored in shorter work, such as feminism, racism and body politics, using my own experiences as a starting point. Which isn’t to say it’ll all be serious, but there may be tears amongst laughter”.

Fancy’s own travels started prematurely when as an abandoned baby, her life took an unchartered turn: “To this day I know nothing of my birth parents or birth name. If I hadn’t been adopted into a white family from the USA in the 1970’s then found home in London’s cabaret scene, who might I have been?  This show is used to explore the politics of identity and migration, the ethics of interracial adoption and global gentrification and to leave the audience questioning their own privileges and perspectives”.