Pics from the Jeepers Peepers show in Newcastle thanks to Chris White!

27 03 2008

Aw the Gawkagogo Freakshow!

17 03 2008

What lovely people!

Backstage at the Gawkagogo Freak Show

Jeepers Peepers in Newcastle and Zeppelin in London

16 03 2008

I had a great weekend. Wish I could have slept more but all was well in the universe when I got to sleep and awoke this morning feeling happy and longing to stay in bed all day.

Friday I did Jeepers Peepers and the show was fantastic. It’s the best thing going in the north and the presentation, crowd, performers and organizers were tops. Each of the acts was unique and engaging and the crowd responded to it with great applause.

Saturday night was Zeppelin at the Slaughtered Lamb. Though the weather was VERY NASTY outside, fine ladies who dressed like gents and gents dressed like WWII soldiers came out in fine attire and wild wonderment. Anke Marlene, Trixie Malicious and I took turns on the stage. I premiered my new horse head to a laughing crowd…. it seemed to work nicely.

Have a good Sunday!

This is hilarious – GO KOREA!!!!

11 03 2008

Check out this link!

Pulled my thumb out and look where it got me!

11 03 2008

Hi anyone and everyone,

With only more than a half a decade I’ve finally put on the map and I’m still working out how to change the colors on the damned page.

I’ll be updating this page regularly but if you can’t find your info here then please look me up on myspace or on facebook.

xxxxxxFancyShame on you!!!