I need CSS lessons!

8 04 2008

Sorry the page looks a state!  I’m still trying to be my own website designer and it’s proving to be silly and difficult.

I just wanted to update everyone on my state of mind and general “up-to”s.

“Prohibition” was an AMAZING night and I encourage all party goers to attend their next event.  It was held in the building that was formally the  Sierra Leone embassy.  Amazing building with tall ceilings and a vague feeling of decay and a great place to host events.

Besides my WINNING performance the highlights of the night were super fabulous charleston dancers called The Bees Knees and regular punters doing the dance in the beginning of the night putting us all to shame, cabaret performances by people who’s names I can’t recall because…….

The cocktails kicked my ass and were served up in tea cups.  They had joyfully curated cocktails inspired by the theme.  I think “The Gatsby” was my favorite; a mingling of vodka, lemon juice, rasberry juice and champagne.  My make up was worrying by the end of the evening.

Tomorrow night I’m performing in the Gawkagogo Freakshow which everyone should attend.  Look below or in the gallery for the fruit cakes involved.

This weekend I’ll be performing at Dex in Brixton for Stranger Than Paradise and it should be a great hurrah and there’s friggin’ jacuzzi for all of you with balls to wear swimming gear after a winter of getting fat.

xxx Fancy Chance



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