Nick Cave kissed me….

13 04 2008

Once on each cheek as a goodbye and thanks for a long day of being a character in a video shoot for the Bad Seeds next single from “Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!”

All of the guys were lovely and the directors were very human and extremely kind as were the staff they had on hand.

The shoot started around 9am. I was surviving on fumes more or less because I performed at Stranger Than Paradise quite late last night and returned home to a fucking car alarm whining at me from nearby. Bastards!!! So after about 2 hours of sleep I called a cab to a venue in Soho and did my little bit as a showgirl getting ready in the dressing room before anyone else had arrived.

Then I waited. Being in a film shoot is all about is waiting and waiting.

Ima Doll was there poll dancing along with here friend Coco. It think most of the extras ended up watching them for most of the shoot cuz they were HOT, HOT, HOT!!!! Made me feel like a droopy drawered step child next to them… so I cinched my corset a little tighter and ignored all mirrors.

All in all; in my tired and fucked state right now, it was worth it because I got to see a band I’ve been listening to for over a decade, be human, real and generally nice instead of arrogant and arsy.

Thanks Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard you were wonderful and I wish you all the best! Your films are fantastic and it’s nice to know there are cool interesting people who don’t have to be snobs just because they can.



One response

18 04 2008

nick kissed you???
candi will be SO jealous 🙂
looking forward to seeing you gasp in your corset on the finished product xxx

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