Ode to Andy

16 04 2008

Randy Mawlwhore’s “Flush” – this was put together by the lovely Emma and Paul of Anarchistwood, punkvert.tv, exgratiarecordings fame! We put the video together for a VERY long performance art act that appeared at the Shunt Vault for a Warhol night. Everyone ended up confused and bored by the end of our 15 min “nurses wrap people and the stage in aluminum foil”, but the ones who were laughing were REALLY laughing.



One response

19 04 2008
Luke Baggins

Hey fancychance! So glad to see you in your own little webspace. I hope you wind up blogging lots. All of us back here at home want to hear about what you’re up to, and to see more video.

Oh, you know me under my real name. I’ve started blogging with a fake name because I don’t want prospective employers seeing the kind of satanic things I read and write about when they google my actual name. My blog is only moderately satanic, I don’t want to get your hopes up too high or anything. But Blogging is great and It’s even better when hot Korean burlesque clowns do it. It can vacuum up a whole lot of time if you let it, but the time winds up being a good investment in keeping people around the world up to speed on what you’re thinking and doing.

So more youtube video of Fancy Chance!!

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