Go-go Dancing on a Brooklyn rooftop and sleeping in Diner after the show

1 05 2008

Yesterday was fantabulous!!! The sun was out and chatted with Darlinda in the morning as she went off to work and I took a wander in Williamsburg and bought a pair of shoes (I didn’t need them but they were crying out to me). I then got ready for a photoshoot with Ted D’Ottavio. Everyone recommended I do a photoshoot with him and it was sooooo fun. I molested his cat and modelled some outfits from my favorite acts and even got up on the rooftop to go-go dance in my favorite go-go outfit and an afro wig. I think the neighbors got a good show and Ted is a great guy with so much generous and talented energy to pour into the strange pursuit of vaudeville and burlesque.

Skullduggery and Skin was terrific. I touched Magic Brian’s boobs (his show made me just about pee myself with laughter, yet again… I’m so easy to please), saw some drag, met the only other Korean burlesquer (Pookie Patootie) that I know of besides Margret Cho. Albert Cadabra put a really long, soft yet firm, white modelling balloon down his throat. Fem Appeal just about KILLED me with her comedy and her mother who was in the audience was smiling so much you could hear it. Gal Friday kept it classic seeing that the entire line up was comedy besides her and golly is she lovely! I ended up go-go dancing during the intermission and Jo Boobs was kind enough to put the bills in my cleavage. That was fun.

Afterward we proceeded to drink a little bit of drink and I believe Magic Brian and Albert Cadabra freestyled to the stylings of Suitcase (the sound guy/dj/funny guy) and I managed to rip a giant hole in the crotch of my jeans (grrrr) but I’m certain I managed to strike a pose on stage (that fucking stage was covered in sticky fake blood Brian!!!) and fondle that hole to the happy shutter of someone’s camera. Someone then suggested we go to a place called Diner and I fell asleep!!! I think I was behind Gal Friday on some soft vinyl bench and then woke up for a second, ate someone’s fries and fell asleep again. THANK you to the lovely woman who gave me a ride home!!!

Aretha was on my mind yesterday so I’m leaving you with this!



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