4 05 2008

I started Friday with a lie-in. Slowly got up and made some coffee. Three shows down and three more to go. The temperature hadn’t risen to an acceptable high and I was tired. I went into town and dropped my things off at the Slipper Room, ate a nice NYC slice and headed down the street to wander to MOMA. My date had canceled meeting me there so I was a bit more ambling than usual and wandered up the east village and ended up running into Paula! Paula the Secretary who I met at All Tomorrow’s Parties this time last year in England… at a bus stop! We had coffee and a chat; spoke about the personalities of New York and London, how one liked to talk and the other had to get to know you better. Paula has another band called Moisturizer. Fabulous.

MOMA was fantastic. It was packed with people but a relief to wander after coming in from the streets of towering buildings. There was a fantastic exhibit called Design and the Elastic Mind. The paraphrase crudely it was a show about the relationships and uses of technology, art, design and the mind. There were questions and conversations about ethics, innovation, practical uses. I love big cities for art.

The line-up at the Slipper Room Hot Box night was:

Darlinda Just Darlinda


Clams Casino

Gal Friday

Dia Diabolique

Janice Dimilo (sp?)

….to the fantastical DJ stylings of Momotaro we were ushered onto stage by the hotness that is Manchego. Darlinda and I gushed about the merits and transcendental qualities of go-go dancing throughout the night
. When the doors shut we danced until we couldn’t dance no more, did handstands then danced just a little more!

I want to eat Clams Casino and become one with her.

Yesterday Darlinda and I LOUNGED in the morning watched television online and she made a tiny film short for her upcoming show “America’s Top Mary” . We were both pretty shattered from many days of lots of activity!

Hyper Gender was great. Darlinda did her rainbow show, I did my North Korean Student number and the winner of the evening was GLENN MARLA!!!!! I’m his biggest fan. Agent N and JZ Bitch put on a fantastic show and we had such fun we went onto diner as a big motley crew, this time I ate and talked instead of pass out on someone’s butt crack.

Pookie Patootie found herself confronted with one of the only other Korean American burlesque dancers in the world as far as we know. Here’s us doing “white people” eyes for Ed Barnas! Thanks for being a fabulous burlesque photographer and supporter and thank you Patootie for keeping it real.
Pookie and I do

I’m totally doing “whitey” eyes!  Love it, suck it.



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