Wedding, Amsterdam Burlesque Freakout!, Heatwave and off again

14 05 2008

After coming home from NYC I went to a great wedding reception of my friends’ and had an amazing time hanging out with old friends. We surprised the bride by donning animal heads and shooting off confetti canons!

My god was it fun!

It was so nice to come back to a heat wave, wedding reception and the arrival of my dearest friend Susan, who had heroically come from Seattle for the wedding and a much needed holiday.

The next day I left for Amsterdam to guest in Burlesque Freakout! with Des O’Connor (no not THEE Des O’Connor but another one who’s just as real and plays the ukelele). As Marco chatted to me he asked if I knew Pepper Minsky and that she was in the Atomic Bombshells assuming that I’d know her from the Seattle scene. I’d heard her name but couldn’t remember if we’d met or not (as old age creeps up on me I realize more and more how many people I forget over time). Anyhoo, in the dressing room Pepper and I met and eventually after seeing her perform on stage I realized that I’d seen her a LONG time ago at the Shim Sham club performing as a Shim Shamette in New Orleans along with Kitten La Rue! Small world.

The show was fun and HOT! Jesus, Mary and Joseph was it hot in there. The heat was on in Amsterdam and the show was even hotter. I managed to fall (eat shit ie ended up with my face close to the floor) because I stepped off the stage in my first act thinking that the floor was much closer to my feetsies than it actually was. There was a little collective gasp as I brushed myself off from the floor to do a quick change into my next costume. Only my ego was bruised luckily.

By the end of the show all of us show gals were sweaty and happy!

when I said it was hot I meant it was HOT! Pepper Minsky’s boobs are hot hot hot!!

Then Pepper and Caragh let me crash at their pad that night and we talked until the sky lit up and crashed out until it got too hot to sleep. They took me for a walk around the canals and we ate pancakes!

I liked this sculpture in the Schiphol Airport. I ALMOST got a shot clear of people! Grrrr. People!



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