Back From Spain! LA BRUTA FEST!

9 06 2008

How Spanish businesses function on an international level will befuddle me forever. Don’t get me wrong, I loved going there the two times I went and everyone was hospitable…. but the hours they keep!?! I’m still recovering from the weekend performing at La Bruta Fest celebrating the 10th anniversary of El Beasto Records, but I won’t blame it entirely on the celebrations. Those people ALL stay out until the butt crack of dawn!!!!

This is me on the train. i eat crappy food at 5amThe sad breakfast.

I left home around 5am to get the Stanstead Express to Stanstead, got absolutely butt fucked by Ryanair’s extortionist practice of charging for extra luggage weight (think around 200 sterling and picture my jaw drop and trying not to curse up a STORM) and flew into Santiago de Compestela. The lovely Silvia who runs El Beasto Records along with her partner Alberto, picked me up. Between her decent english and my shitty spanish skills our 40min car ride to a Coruna led us to the conclusion that Dead Moon is the best band ever. I also think she thinks I’m mad.

At the hotel I dropped off the face of the planet for a VERY long siesta interspersed with watching the French Open. I then went to the venue and sat alone looking at the lovely (and surprisingly chilly) town of A Coruna. I was stupidly thinking that a northern town on the coast would be warmer than it was and turned out to only have one boiler suit that suited the weather. I was stinky when I came home.

This was one nice walk to the venue.

Before the event commenced, Alberto, being the good host and promoter that he is, took whoever wanted to have dinner out to a place near the hotel. Members of the Morlocks and the Phantom Keys were there along with the Morlocks driver Kosak from Czechoslovakia. I mainly spoke to Nick and Johnny from the Morlocks. I completely got my American dude fix from them. There are certain personalities that I rarely get to interact with in London simply because of reference points and cultural familiarity and it’s great food for the heart when I a little homesick to talk to countrymen. I also found out Johnny had played with Butt Trumpet which pretty much made my day seeing that I had JUST played them for some workmates that week and hadn’t really thought of the band in …. a decade at least?

The gig was great! The Morlocks did their magic and then I went on and shook my shit, then the mighty

Fuzztones rocked the venue. Sometime during the day the sound guys lost his mind so the Fuzztones and I never got to return to stage which was disappointing.

I love the tiny divine mess of a burlesquer’s dressing area.

It was a VERY long time before I went to bed and the after party was fun.

The next day was much of the same; I think I slept in until well into the afternoon and then took a walk around the city and along the playa. Fucking gorgeous place. I got to know the Phantom Keys guys a lot better at dinner. I was sad to have missed their show the night before I arrived but it was cool hanging out with them. Marky and I shared a joke about Scandis being stoic.

There were fewer people the second night but the venue was still full and The Moving Sounds and The Flaming Sideburns were really fun to watch. I got to know Parsely from the Moving Sounds and found out he lives in London…… and his name is PARSLEY!!!!!!!!!

La Bruta!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Antonio, Silvia and Alberto for looking after me.

Roi and Marky from the Phantom Keys the Phantom Key and Fancy

Heroes of the evening



2 responses

10 06 2008

fANCY! Fantastic show in A Coruña, I enjoy a lot your body art, your senssual movements..all of you! you are an artist of burlesque!
congratulations, and kisses from spain,
arantxa. (i have a photo with you, very pretty!)

11 06 2008

Nice to meet you!! I will send you the show tapes when we have them.

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