And then I drank til I was drunk…..

11 06 2008

I was a “lift operator” in some silly bell girl outfit last night for a benefit at a swanky Karaoke bar. I didn’t eat very much and kept asking for champagne. I was by no means pissed on the job but when I was done and more friends of mine arrived…. at least is was Moet and not some shitty sparkling wine…. and I didn’t get in any silly arguments with strangers. I’m a silly, silly, silly bilious little lady and paid the price this morning when I was running to answer the phone/wake-up call and stubbed my damned pinky toe on the bedroom wardrobe door. ACK!!! Now it’s all puffy and funny and probably broken.

Lesson learned: Don’t drink and run around the house in the morning the next day.



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