Bedlam Ballroom!

22 06 2008

It’s been a week since I’ve come back from Belfast’s Bedlam Ballroom event hosted by Tadgh and Hornby, partially because I’ve been super busy and also because I wanted a bit of time to write about it.

I went with Miss Amber Topaz on the flight from London to Belfast and found from leaving the departure gates to going back the next day we were looked after in the BEST possible way. We were picked up from the airport to be set down gently in a nice little B&B not too far from the venue and taken out for a meal before the gig. The gig was GREAT! Probably one of the best gigs I’ve been in, in a long time. Bella Go-Go performed along side Amber and I; if you see she’s in a show try to see it. She’s one of the best newcomers (in that way I mean someone who’s been around for under 2 years).

The venue was huge and full of people adhering to the military circa wwll theme. It was the first time I got foot stomping alongside clapping and hollering during my bow and the show they were treated to deserved it.

Afterwards all of us went down the road to a club and I go-go danced until I hurt my neck. Bwahhhh hahaha. It’s not that funny cuz it still hurts but man, oh man did we have a great time dancing!



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