When coming back from a festival…

23 07 2008

If the festival was good, you performed in it and stayed the entire time and greeted the dawn every morning with eyes from the previous day, there seems to be a certain method to coming home and settling back into civilian mode.

Firstly you put all your things down in some space where your tent, sleeping bag and all luggage will remain until your head is somehow reinserted into your skull (with the help of a twelve hour sleep). After setting down your things, head to the toilet and just admire how it doesn’t smell and sit on it with the intention of excreting whether you need to or not. I prefer to go to the shower right after the toilet encounter.


After the shower with a mammoth’s size carbon footprint, it’s examination time: stand naked in front of a mirror and find and attend to the bruises, contusion, minor scrapes, burns and blisters . During this time you recall the night/morning earlier and have a bit of a giggle (if you haven’t lost your voice at this time). You also think about sleep, email and yummy food. I opt for the food option but settle for toast and a cup of tea, then sit on my couch fall asleep after watching a bit of TV while checking my email. Then slowly, throughout the next day you reinsert yourself into society and bask in what feels like the afterglow of summer camp and the head ache of someone who should know better.

Some things about festivals:

People don’t admit remembering the final nights revels

Showering is a luxury

Pot Noodles taste like Nobu

Plans are made to conquer the universe at 5am

You can get a whole room of people to do aerobics if you lead by example

I dress in animal costumes

Dusty Limits can be seen starting a footy match. The ball being made out of a blanket in a tent bag.

That’s me in the frog outfit. I entertained children by accident while I was drunk.



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