Sign Language and Horror Films

5 08 2008

In a fit of restlessness and lack of planning anything productive to do on my night off, I found myself watching bits and pieces of a film called “Hostel: Part II”. Late at night around 1 or 2am in the morning some channels will have someone doing sign language in the corner. I don’t think they “cast” for the part, they just find someone who signs expressively and quickly (as far as I can tell).

I think it was the most surreal thing to see a slightly plump middle aged woman signing “No!!! No!!! Oh God, don’t kill me!!! AAArrrhhh AACCKKK!”

The film itself was pornography for a 13 year old boy or 45 year old man. Boobies, blood, virgins, cannibalism, middle aged guys wielding power tools in front of a captive corseted blonde teen were abundant. I felt numb to the images and pondered again, how money is spent on trivial things (especially after viewing “Sicko” earlier that evening).

Let’s lighten this up:



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21 08 2008
Luke Baggins

Back in 91 or so, I saw Joe Bob Briggs at the UW bookstore doing a reading from his latest book “The Iron Joe Bob”. He read a little piece he had written earlier called “The Ban on Fake Hooters”. The UW bookstore had a sign-language interpreter there sigining shit like this:

And so Ralph Nader decides that some of these artificial dinglebobbers just MIGHT be a little DANGEROUS, especially at high speeds, and so he does a few tests on em. Ralph took your typical silicone-gel baggie–it’s this little floating Jello mold that the surgeon plants in the middle of your breast like a turnip–and he threw it up against a brick wall like a dodge-ball to see if he could break it. And then they made giant fifty-pound silicone implants and used em for bean-bag chairs for six months, to see if they’d hold their shape. And then he studied these complaints from women who said that they’d go get the surgery, get a new set of P.T. Boats, be PERFECTLY HAPPY with the results–and then what happens?

That’s from here:

That’s not quite the same thing he read at the U bookstore, but it was that kind of thing and watching that woman try to sign it all was fucking hilarious. I hope you’re having fun at Burning Man! I have an exam tomorrow, so of course I’m high as a fucking kite right now. It’s reminding me of when you were in town. I was really fucked up then too. On Jameson’s, just like right now!

You mentioned Butt Trumpet in an earlier post. I just discovered Betty Blowtorch. I love them! I haven’t gotten ahold of a Butt Trumpet album yet. Betty Blowtorch is on Rhapsody, Butt Trumpet is only there via the connection to Betty Blowtorch. I was just listening to them.

Enough Drunken raving. Have fun at Burning Man!

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