More of the same but dirtier!

22 08 2008

Two more people are with us now. Dan and Luke who run Designs in Air and Filthy Luker, Luke’s other stuff.

The horse we’re constructing (when I say “we” I mean mostly Joe and Alex from Mutoid Waste. Ruth and I run around offering beer and blow torch bolts off and grind what we’re told.

Here’s what it looks like at this point:

Another sunny day in Petaluma

Another sunny day in Petaluma

There’s also a wagon to contend with. The struggles with the wheels have been funny to a point but we’re VERY happy to have them sorted out.

I seared my arm a little which was the first injury I’ve had so far. I don’t plan on getting any more but that’s kind of a fantasy at this point.

Our neighbor Barry is a wood worker around the corner and has been visiting us and checking on our progress (all the guys around here are plenty intrigued with what looks like a mammoth and STRANGE project). Thankfully Barry runs a wood work shop and has offered us all the help we could want.

Kim the dog!

Kim the dog!

Our Scottie is about the coolest guy on earth and is hosting all of the mayhem and all of us with such panache I can’t compare him to anyone. Seeing that we leave on Sunday we couldn’t get everything done without the help of all the people involved and having a nice place to stay and work is something we’re very lucky to have.




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