I CAN’T stop posting about the damned horse.. this picture is VERY cool though..

15 09 2008

This picture was taken by James Addison. His lovely photos are on flickr.com under the name of “extramatic”.
Rustange Sally and Frankenwagon Ride into the Sun

Another Picture of the Horse n wagon

12 09 2008

I’m the mouse girl on top but I’m wearing a mask and goggles… those things that look like boobs are my knees, just in case you thought they were my pendulous boobs.  If you really wanna see my boobs, it’s not very hard to catch them twirling tassels around town somewhere.

Burning Man Mutoid Waste's Horse and Wagon

Burning Man Mutoid Waste

A special place in hell for those folks…

10 09 2008

Oh yeah, I don’t think Ruby mentioned that we kindly picked up a few bags of trash from some dirty hitchhiking hippies on our way out from Burning Man.  When we had to sort through our trash upon arriving back at Petaluma, it was kinda gross but mostly sorting recycling stuff into separate bags.  Little did we know that those dirty nasty people included bottles of PISS in their trash.

There is a special place in hell for those people.  Instead of spending their time gnashing their teeth and constantly being eaten by maggots from the inside out, they will empty other peoples’ piss bottles for eternity in 30 degree heat with rotting trash surrounding them…. and they won’t get to wear latex gloves.

We remember who you are dirty hippy girl.

What happened at Burning Man?

10 09 2008

Ok, so this is a complete cop out but Ruby Blues’ Livejournal managed to highlight everything I want to remember in her blog.

Here’s the link:


We had an exceptional time and I’m totally inspired to higher highs and admiration for everyone who makes Burning Man possible.

Here’s some lovely shots from flickr.com: