A Great Review of a show I was in

22 10 2008
“All singing, All Dancing Burlesque”
by Lea Mazzocchi for remotegoat on 27/09/08

Club Volupte is an amazingly atmospheric place and known for it’s cabaret and burlesque shows. The tables cost £25 to book, while the standing area is only £10, which seems more reasonable as you can usually swipe a spare chair and sit if you need to.

The show started with the lovely Miss Amber Topaz coming out and singing the classics, such as, Life is a cabaret, Diamonds are a girls best friend and All that jazz, with a little audience participation and a lot of balloons. Miss Topaz has a wonderful voice with a rich 40’s jazz tone and a personality that’s instantly loveable and fills you with confidence. So with your trust in her grasp, she leads you on through the show’s acts which are all based on famous movies.

Fancy Chance came out first in a Star Trek outfit with the soundtrack declaring her the love child of Lieutenant Sulu and Uhura. She then proceeded to dance to the old Star Trek music, with added amusing groping before she striped down to her nipple tassels. Her facial expressions and acting were perfectly in character and absolutely hysterical. When she came out again in the second half of the show, it was as Alice in Wonderland having a very strange ‘trip’. Her drunken striptease hit empathic cords with every woman causing riotous laughter throughout the club. On her own, Fancy Chance is a five star act every time.

On the more artistic side, the infamous love scene in The Postman Always Rings Twice was performed in the form of dance. It was hot, steamy , beautiful and well acted. The Batman and Robin homage however, was pure entertainment and saucy innuendo. Batman, Robin and Catwoman began fighting, then ended up stripping as a menage à trois. With added ‘Pow’, ‘Thwaks’ and ‘Crunches’ to set the scene.

The show continued with a Brokeback Mountain dance, with a tongue in cheek disco twist. But in essence it was a strong performance by the two male burlesque dancers and had just the right amount of titillation for all.

Finally, Amber returned as Jessica Rabbit to sing and strip one last time. The show ended on a song with all the cast doing a semi nude cancan. It has to be said however, that one of the funniest things in the whole show, was watching the waiters and waitresses trying to avoid flying items of clothing and limbs as they attempted to serve the customers. Their faces of fear were a picture and made the evening perfect.

With dancing until late after the show finishes, no one leaves unsatisfied. This show is not to be missed.



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