Why is Sweden cool?

9 12 2008

Stockholm rocks. I just did a strip tease as a nun and flogged myself with a rosary (I’m totally going to hell in a hand basket if Christianity in it’s present form actually exists), and then I did a balloon dance strip with condom balloons to “Springtime for Hitler” and changed into a popes outfit for the finishing touch. I was simply adhering to the “Vatican Secret” theme that the Hootchie Kootchie club came up with, as did the other performers. Many folks said it was one of the best Hootchie Kootchie nights and I agree after doing a few myself.

Taylor Mac was one of the special guests and was inspiring; I’ve got so much admiration for truly clever people with ukuleles

Back to why Sweden is cool – the audience loved the theme and dressed appropriately (I loved the hot female blonde jesus, complete) and they ate up the performances with glee. The show and even the poster could have caused the theatre to be closed if it were done in a different society but IT’S SWEDEN! Liberal, dark, beautiful, educated SWEDEN!!!!

Sweden is a place where underwear commercials look like this:

Upcoming shows

8 12 2008

The Smoking Cabinet Festival of Early Cabaret Cinema 1894-1933:

“We have less than a week to go til this year Smoking Cabinet Festival of Early Cabaret Cinema 1894-1933 – playing at the Curzon Soho 12-14th December!

Do look out for press coverage of the fest including this week’s Time Out, The Guardian Guide, Vertigo magazine, an excellent article from Empire online (look here down on the right) and Women’s Hour – broadcasting this on Radio 4 Tuesday 9th December between 10 and 10.45 am

We have now also confirmed the wonderful Tim Redfern / Timberlina as a second guest on our panel discussion: Boom or Bust – which focuses on the cylcical nature of fashion and performance – and takes place after our On with the Dance screening on Saturday 13th December 6pm. Please note the that FREE CHARLESTON WORKSHOPS we are hosting at 4pm and 5pm before the screening are filling up fast – to book the last few places email info@thesmokingcabinet.com stating when you’d like to come.

Mat Fraser is to perform as Sealboy on opening night – in between Fancy Chance and MIlicent Binks – on what will be an excellent and unique Midnight Movies screening of Piccadilly (1929) (Friday 12th December, acts and dj from 9.30pm, film at 11.30pm, free gin cocktail for each guest). The film will be given a new score by the acclaimed Minima.

For more info see: www.thesmokingcabinet.com
To book tickets see: www.curzoncinemas.com

Look forward to seeing you there!x”

I’m really excited about this performance because I will conciously be using my ethnicity to do an homage to Anna May Wong.  As my UK performance years have progressed and as I’ve become more seasoned, I’m not longer hired for just my burlesque skills but for my abilities to come up with bespoke performances in the broader world of variety and cabaret.  I strive to infuse my performance with political dialogue whenever I can.  This homage to a woman who wanted “The woman who died a thousand times” engraved on her tombstone is especially important to me because of how she was treated by cinema and media from the 20’s to the 50’s.  She was constantly being knocked-off in every manner of way in the films she appeared in; there is no doubt that this is because she was a Chinese woman.  It will be interesting to see how I’m treated as a black market DVD “sales person” before I go on stage and then dragged off by immigration inspectors.

Burlescapades Mid Winter Ball:

Midwinter Ball
Assembly Rooms, George St, Edinburgh
December 13th, 2008. 9pm – 1am.

Slip off your furs and dazzle in your finest attire at Burlescapades’ spectacular Midwinter Ball.

Forget the chill, dark nights and wallow in the warmth and opulence of the Assembly Rooms’ magnificent ballroom on December 13, 2008.

There you can sip champagne under twinkling chandeliers whilst enjoying the finest burlesque and cabaret, before gliding across the gilded dancefloor as the heady scents of frankincense and myrrh tease your imagination.

Europe’s most fabulous jewel, Miss Lily White, will sweep her ivory velvet cloak before you as she unveils her spectacular Victorian Snow Queen show for the first time, leaving you completely spellbound.

Our Christmas belle Fancy Chance is preparing to gently tug at her satin ribbons until her sensual yuletide gifts are revealed, while Daiquiri Dusk and her troupe of temptresses long to squeal with delight as they unwrap their eye-popping presents.

Illusionist Colin McLeod will captivate as he seizes your mind and toys with your soul. Preening peacock Chris Wilson seduces with his magnificent plumage and Ryan Styles will leave you enchanted by his strange and heart-warming cabaret.

Dip in to our chocolate box of glamour and savour the sweet taste of joy and vintage romance. Our glittering Midwinter Ball will make you wish it were Christmas every day.

Jo King Presents – Get Me I’m a Burlesque Legend:

‘Get Me…I’m a Burlesque Legend’ is the ultimate show in Jo King’s sell-out West End trilogy.

Jo King aka Goodtime Mama Jojo was recently crowned the first ever ‘British Burlesque Legend’ at Las Vegas’s holy grail for bump and grinders – ‘The Burlesque Hall of Fame’.

This December, Jo celebrates 50 years of living life to the full and 30 years in the business of burlesque.

This final show at London’s Madame Jojos brings together a spectacular line-up, hand-picked by Jo, to reflect the very best of what the vibrant British Burlesque scene has to offer. This sensational assortment of popular burlesque stars will be appearing for this “One Night Only” event, together with anecdotes from Jo King’s life as a burlesque performer.


Thursday 18th December

Madame JoJo’s, Soho

Doors open 7pm

Show starts 8.30pm

Tickets £30 + booking fee

We would love to have you join us.  If you can’t make it, please feel free to forward these event details to those you think may be interested.
To book tickets:
To check out other events and classes we offer:


Winter Panto!!!!:

A brand new video from the Micca Club’s latest burlesque festival in Roma!

8 12 2008

The Micca Club was fantastic and were such wonderful hosts for all of us involved.