Why is Sweden cool?

9 12 2008

Stockholm rocks. I just did a strip tease as a nun and flogged myself with a rosary (I’m totally going to hell in a hand basket if Christianity in it’s present form actually exists), and then I did a balloon dance strip with condom balloons to “Springtime for Hitler” and changed into a popes outfit for the finishing touch. I was simply adhering to the “Vatican Secret” theme that the Hootchie Kootchie club came up with, as did the other performers. Many folks said it was one of the best Hootchie Kootchie nights and I agree after doing a few myself.

Taylor Mac was one of the special guests and was inspiring; I’ve got so much admiration for truly clever people with ukuleles

Back to why Sweden is cool – the audience loved the theme and dressed appropriately (I loved the hot female blonde jesus, complete) and they ate up the performances with glee. The show and even the poster could have caused the theatre to be closed if it were done in a different society but IT’S SWEDEN! Liberal, dark, beautiful, educated SWEDEN!!!!

Sweden is a place where underwear commercials look like this:



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