What happened to my mind?

25 02 2009

I haven’t posted anything in a while as my world has whirled all around and I’ve been trying to catched the pieces swirling around me before they disappear in the atmosphere.

Some shows coming up are:

Club Smooch in Brighton on 7 March

Grind a Go-Go on 14 March


Ali McGregor’s Variety Night on 22 March

After that I’m doing a series at Volupte, Sex-po in Innsbruck, Connie Douglas in Milan and other stuff.

When will I sleep?

I miss you all.



One response

3 04 2009
Luke Baggins

I go months without writing anything myself. Just lately, meeting up with someone from ancient times inspired me to write a bunch. That comes and it goes.

Just now, I’m getting ready for class with Fight For Your Right To Party. I heard that song when I was 12, but it never stuck in my mind until I saw you playing it while getting ready for work sometime back in 94 or so. I’ve loved the song ever since, the rest of the album too. There isn’t another Beastie Boys album that’s come close that one for me. How about you? Do you like any of their others nearly as much as that one?

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