I’m in the press!

21 04 2009

I have my own page in Timeout London online!

Fancy Chance is classy in German trousers

Fancy Chance is classy in German trousers

click this, bitches.

Totally exciting.

I love David.

I’m also going to be a guest performer in Dave’s Drop-In Centre at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern.  Here’s a great little article about David and his performance series coming up in May.  Last year there were lines around the block to see his show, so come early if you plan on seeing any of his shows.

Updates and such

7 04 2009

Since I’m getting a little blurb in Timeout London, this will be the kick in the ass I need to actually BLOG.

I had a string of shows starting in Innsbruck and ending with several nights in a row at the Volupte Lounge.

Innsbruck was beautiful but I did feel like a family of VonTrapps we about to pop out at me around every corner.  The gig I had was with Lucifire, Vicky Butterfly, Roxy Velvet and Lydia Darling.  We were there for an  anual sex expo with a burlesque theme this year.  After two days of that, I hopped on a train to Milan via Verona.  It was a strange trip because the first leg of the journey was on an older train with compartments in the cars that seated six.  As I found my seats, I first noticed a little girl about 9 years old with her mother in the same compartment.  It was obvious that the girl had gone through some kind of chemotherapy as she was practically bald but both she and her mother seemed in good spirits.  I felt BAD though.  Bad for my friend who just lost his father to cancer and bad for my neighbor who just lost her husband to it – but shit… a kid!?!  A daughter.  When we got to Verona I found that my connecting train was cancelled due to a strike and had to catch the next train about an hour later.  On the platform I got to talking with the woman, her daughter and another expat business guy from the states.  The mother was from the US  had done a lot of charity work with develping countries and had been living in various regions of Africa, Germany and Italy.  Fortunately, her daughter’s chemo was working, the mother was mostly likely well aware of people far worse off and had the benefit of socialized medicine, instead of being medically bankrupt in the states.  The silver lining was thin but it was there.

I got to Milan with plenty of time to spare and performed at the Connie Douglas club with the Bees Knees and Madamoiselle Flo.  The show was fantastic and it was a pleasure working with them.  The club itself was AMAZING.  Like someone with an Eames/mid century modern design fetish was given all creative control of a club.  You can see pictures here.  The morning after the show, Aila and JoJo from the Bees Knees and I went to the antiques market just near the hotel but it was PISSING down with rain.  As our journey continued passing by the freezing wet vendors I realized that it was just like most festivals in the UK; we should have been having a good time but were really cold and wet.  Ho hum.

I’ve got to gig now!  I’ll reflect on the Volupte shows later….