I’m Alternative Miss World 2009!

3 05 2009

And wouldn’t be without a magical team of people, coffee, cigarettes, booze, no sleep and some seriously long hours of work.

Wreckage built the time machine scultpure skirt thing, Rachel Freire made the costumes, Naomi Blume brought it all together, Maria Cork painted on the gore, Lucifire pulled me up by my hair and it all came together magically.  It’s a really amazing feeling to be acknowledged for our hard work…. if only there was a cash prize to pay for supplies!  Benefactors anyone?

The back stage situation was just about the best people watching, listening, communicating experience ever!  Cardboard ships, green ram people, little Morris dancing girls, queens from every generation, wigs wigs wigs, naked ladies covered in body paint, colored glass glued onto everything, mirror covered Irrepressibles, inflatable costumes, Zandra Rhodes’ mirrors and funny conversations.

I can’t wait for the wrap party/gathering tonight and am so grateful for some sleep!



2 responses

5 05 2009

Hi Fancy. I sent Naomi a picture of your team that I took at Andrew’s party. Well done on winning AMW, you deserved it!

Cheers, Tom.

5 05 2009

Got it and LOVE it! I liked your blog about it as well.

Take care!


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