Boris Keep Your Promise Charity Event

3 06 2009

“There is only one remaining Rape Crisis centre for the whole of London.

That’s one small centre for 3.9 million women. The staff and volunteers who run the centre work with constant danger of closing over their heads and can never be sure that their core funding costs can be met from year to year.

During the run-up to his election, Boris Johnson promised, with much PR fanfare, to pay for three new centres and fund the only remaining centre for at least 4 years. That he will fulfill that promise, or even part of it, is now seriously in doubt. He needs to be poked accordingly.

The consultation opened to decide the funding closes on 20th July and we’re mounting a campaign both to support the remaining centre in Croydon and let Boris know that we want him to keep his promise!

There will be events, press work and lots of asking people to give £2 a month to support the last remaining centre in Croydon.

Please get involved, even if you just let other people know about the campaign. We can make this shameful situation better with just a little help.



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