Forgot I was in this…. Jerkbeast-the movie

5 09 2010

But for some it’s a lifestyle.

I loved these guys and then one of them was told that I was spreading rumors about having sex with them for the film.  Wasn’t true and a misinformed accusation … it was a DIFFERENT FILM, like duh.  If I’m ever in a porn that actually gets seen I’ll make damn well sure I spread rumors about myself that are factual.

A nice hair hanging video of me from the lovely Latitude Festival

5 09 2010

I got to do my hair suspension from a TREEEEEEEEE, shortly after Lucifire did target whips and ended up cracking a fire whip in carny pants, pasties and a pregnant belly.  I think the crowd got an unexpected treat.

I look kinda funny from the camera’s angle but it’s a nice example of what I’m working on in terms of a solo hair hanging act.

Kate Pelling Project The Proxy Hypothesis

5 09 2010

I was asked to take part in a project that Kate Pelling has going. It was a great experience and I hope she continues with this.

Kate Pelling – The Proxy Hypothesis