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Bizarre Magazine Super Freak Feature


Timeout interview


Interview by Katherine McGlaughlin for Filmoria


Alternative Miss World ABC News Article

“And who could forget the opulence, grandeur and sheer absurdity of Miss Fancy Chance? Towering high above the stage in an enormous, futuristic Victorian dress like construction, the grand finale was her being magically airlifted out of her costume and floating above the stage — suspending audience disbelief in the process.

Looking on in wonder, host Ruby Wax, along with competition creator Logan, could only utter, “Well, I don’t know what to say.” review “Korean born Fancy Chance is in a class of her own.  Her theme seems to be the shedding of prim layers, from those of a middle aged bespectacled, leopard skin coat wearing woman to Alice in Wonderland in Victorian lace to reveal outrageously and hilariously what’s hidden beneath.  She is at once blokish, ballsy, fierce and funny – chutzpah personified.”


Interview in The Black Flag


The Real Chris Sparkle


Yo yo!  I’m in the Best of London 2011 Cabaret Moments!

One response

14 01 2010
Shannon Deathless

Hey Fancy,
I was looking through honestly my favorite ma, Bizzare and came across your article. I am also a Korean adoptee/female business owner. Our grand opening was on December 20th of last year. I have been piercing for the last 7 years and now have started a tattoo apprenticeship with another korean tattooer, Tina Forever. The point of my writing was just to say hello, lend my support to your career, and really just let you know it was just nice to read something about another woman with a similar back round chasing her dream. I love London and lived there for about a year in 2006. I miss that dirty old town…

Good luck Fancy, I’ll see you at the top.

Shannon Deathless

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