A one off hair hang performance for the delightful Melody Sweets’ Coney Island Burlesque in Las Vegas.

Get the Korean look!

Video and interview from London’s Next Top Tranny by Ignite Creative TV


This is my “Bride Scorned” act and one of my favorites! The video was taken from the Micca Club’s burlesque festival in November 2008.


I got to do my hair suspension from a TREEEEEEEEE, shortly after Lucifire did target whips and ended up cracking a fire whip in carny pants, pasties and a pregnant belly.  I think the crowd got an unexpected treat.

I look kinda funny from the camera’s angle but it’s a nice example of what I’m working on in terms of a solo hair hanging act.

My favorite racial identity piece devised by myself and Mat Snead and directed/edited by Mat Snead.

This is my japanese school girl go-go routine! I love this one and the footage actually shows my expressions. This footage was taken at Jeepers Peepers in Newcastle.




BurlyQ’s synchronized swimming teaser!

Randy Mawlwhore’s “Flush” – this was put together by the lovely Emma and Paul of Anarchistwood,, exgratiarecordings fame! We put the video together for a VERY long performance art act that appeared at the Shunt Vault for a Warhol night. Everyone ended up confused and bored by the end of our 15 min “nurses wrap people and the stage in aluminum foil”, but the ones who were laughing were REALLY laughing.

One response

26 09 2008

tengo un video tullo de la bruta fest,

igual querrias tenerlo ??

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